Super Quick Review maintains a WHITE-LABEL AGENCY program. If you chose to participate as an independent WHITE-LABEL AGENCY you will have the opportunity to use our software to provide reputation management services to other businesses as an independent contractor under your own brand. By signing up as a WHITE-LABEL AGENCY or taking part in the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY program you agree to all terms of the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY agreement.

Section 1: PARTIES: Super Quick Review DBA and our parent company (“QT Office Incorporated”) may be used interchangeably as “the Company”. All references to “You”, “your” “WHITE-LABEL AGENCY”, “WHITE-LABEL AGENCYs”, or “applicant” refers to the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY whom is making this agreement.

Section 2: APPROVAL: Approval into the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY program is the sole discretion of the Company and can be withdrawn at any time by the Company for any reason. The WHITE-LABEL AGENCY agrees to supply the Company with all information that is needed to be able to contact WHITE-LABEL AGENCY. If you are denied into the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY program or your WHITE-LABEL AGENCY program is revoked the company does not owe the applicant any explanation.

Section 3: CONSENT: You expressly agree that the Company may contact you in relation to policy updates, WHITE-LABEL AGENCY questions including email, phone and text including automated communication. This agreement cannot be revoked unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

Section 4: BILLING: The WHITE-LABEL AGENCY must maintain a card on file to be charged for the monthly fee (fee based on number of locations they manage). If the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY is delinquent on their payments then access to their account can be restricted as well as their customers. If they are more than 30 days late then Super Quick Review reserves the right to revoke the WHITE-LABEL AGENCY agreement.


  • Super Quick Review is not responsible for billing your clients or collecting payments from your clients nor are we responsible for any funds not collected.
  • The company does not provide 1099 information or any other tax related advice or paperwork (You can obtain 1099 information from whatever service you use to collect income from your clients).
  • Any affiliate commissions are governed under the separate “affiliate” agreement and are not covered under compensation here.

Section 6: TERMS / TERMINATION: The terms of this agreement begin after you sign up for the program and either terminate when a) your privileges are revoked or b) updates to the program warrant a new WHITE-LABEL AGENCY agreement.

Section 7: WARRANTY: The Company does not make any claims toward success or the amount of money you will earn.

Section 8: INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: WHITE-LABEL AGENCYs are not employees but independent contractors of the company. You are representing yourself and not the company. The only compensation you are entitled to are through contracts you have with your clients unless otherwise specified by another agreement with the Company. Any cost associated with promoting the company (time or money) shall not be compensated except as outlined in this agreement.

Section 9: ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The current WHITE-LABEL AGENCY agreement supersedes any previous agreements oral or written. Any updates to this agreement or future agreements supersedes this one.

Section 10: LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Except where otherwise inapplicable or prohibited by law, in no event shall the company or any of it’s directors, officers, shareholders agents or other representatives be liable for any damages, fees, cost or claims in relation to this agreement or in relation to our software or services.

Section 11: DISPUTES: In the case of any dispute with the company, the plaintive will be responsible for reimbursing the company any and all legal fees Incurred if the plaintive is found at fault. If the plaintive is found in favor the maximum damages that may be claimed are 2 times the previous months WHITE-LABEL AGENCY losses or $500.00, whichever is less. At no time will Super Quick Review or it’s parent company QT Office Incorporated be responsible for any of the plaintiffs legal fees.

Section 12: RIGHT TO MODIFICATION AND AMENDMENTS: The company reserves the right to modify or amend any part of the agreement in the future. The WHITE-LABEL AGENCY herby agrees to any updates/modifications by their continued participation in the program.